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BODY MASSAGE(With Free Hot Stone)

30 min body massage--$40.00 (No Oil)

60 min body massage--$70.00


90 min body massage--$100.00


COMBO MASSAGE (With Free Hot Stone)


30 min Foot Massage

30 min Body Massage—$60.00


30 min Foot Massage

60 min Body Massage—-$90.00


(Gift Certificates are available)

30 min foot massage——$30.00


60 min foot massage——$50.00


Chinese herb powder——  (free)


Aloe foot scrub cream——$5.00


Foot bath sea salt for $5, with a choice of

Rose + rose petals: antibacterial anti fungal and antiviral properties, and nourish your skin

Lavender : relax your body and mind, nourish your skin.

Milk: moisture dry foot skin and cracked heels, food for sensitive skin.

Ginger: help relieve aches and pain and normal blood circulation. Lemon : help exfoliate your foot skin, enhance skin renewal.

Peppermint: restore the body energy, eases aches and muscle pains.




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